Keep the Grass Greener on Your Side

Hydrate your lawn with irrigation installation services

Does your yard look more like a field of straw than a lush, green lawn? You could use irrigation installation services from S&A Lawn Care & Landscape. We'll install a a drip irrigation system that can help you maintain that beautiful green color you've always wanted.

To explore the options for your irrigation installation, contact us today.

5 signs you probably need sprinkler repairs

5 signs you probably need sprinkler repairs

It isn't always easy to identify a leak, but you should contact a professional for sprinkler repairs if:

  1. Your sprinkler heads sputter or "cough."
  2. Your water control valve drips or steadily leaks.
  3. Some parts of your lawn are dry while others are flooded.
  4. Your sprinkler produces too much water or not enough.
  5. Your water bill spikes for no apparent reason.

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